For Your ActionTrax
Easiest Way

Strap them on with bungee cords, rachet straps, or a flexible coiled bicycle lock from your local retailer to keep them safe when you're not on the trail.

Rack Mounted makes bolt on mounts for ActionTrax that fit on Toyota bed rails and Hi-Lift jacks. Many other manufacturers do as well. Just good recovery board mounts and ActionTrax should be compatible with racks that hold any of the major brands.

Hood Mount

Finn Fab offers a hood mount system. Contact them on their website for more info.

Spare Tire Mount

If you like a Trasharoo, you'll love the ActionTrax carry bag from email or call for your special order.

Imported Mounting Pins

Pins made in China and / or sold from Australia will work in ActionTrax. 3 ActionTrax boards will fit in a standard pair of pins. 4 ActionTrax will fit in an XL size pair of pins. Our mounting hole spacing is standard. It is four keyholes spaced in a rectangle 34 3/4” x 10 1/2.