Made in
the USA.

About us

ActionTrax are made with care in Kansas, with U.S. tooling and materials, by a desert racing airplane mechanic, family, and friends. They were created to build portable boat ramps and temporary roads. Farmers, construction workers, military members, those working in disaster relief, and first responders trust ActionTrax to get their entire convoy across land quickly and safely.

Plus, they’re ideal for beach boat ramps when fishing, jet skiing, and sail boating. Whatever you’re towing, ActionTrax makes finding a launch and recovery area much easier.

From our ActionTrax family to yours, safe travels!

Durable DuPont Material

ActionTrax are 100% made in the USA from high-performing DuPont material, are unconditionally guaranteed against all defects except burnt teeth from excessive wheel spin, and they have no terrain or vehicle weight restrictions.

Our EZ Link ActionTrax are an easy solution for extreme conditions. They link together with flexible cuffs, webbing, rope, or other means to form an extremely strong road, ramp and/or landing pad. 


Read stories from our happy customers and discover how they were able to get unstuck with our easy-to-use ActionTrax boards.

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ActionTrax are made in the U.S. and sold worldwide, with a little extra help from our dealers.

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All ActionTrax products are American made and unconditionally guaranteed for five years against all defects, except burning the teeth from excessive wheel spin. There are no weight limits or terrain restrictions on ActionTrax. Contact us via email with an attached photo if you have any warranty concerns.