For Your ActionTrax
Easiest Way

Strap them in with bungee cords, rachet straps, or a flexible coiled bicycle lock from your local retailer to keep the honest people honest.

Rack Mounted makes bolt on mounts for ActionTrax that fit on Toyota bed rails and Hi-Lift jacks.

Hood Mount offers a hood mount system. Contact them on their website for more info.

Spare Tire Mount

If you like a Trasharoo, you'll love the ActionTrax carry bag from email or call for your special order.

Imported Mounting Pins

Pins made in China and / or sold from Australia will work in ActionTrax. 3 ActionTrax boards will fit in a standard pair of pins. 4 ActionTrax will fit in an XL size pair of pins. Our mounting hole spacing is unique. It is four keyholes spaced in a rectangle 34 3/8” x 10 1/2. 

Base Deck Mount offers a Recovery Board Bracket Kit that attaches directly to the Base Deck in less than a minute and works perfectly with ActionTrax. One Bracket will hold two boards and can be used in a number of configurations. The 4mm stamped steel Base Deck is engineered to allow for multiple kits to be added to meet your rugged adventure needs.