Racer Testimonials

Dennis Hollenbeck, Class 11, past Baja 1000 and current SCORE champion on the 2017 Baja 1000: 

"We had a first hand look at these during the Baja 1000. We did not have these in car to just look cool, or carry them to be nice to Kc,,well kind of-haha.
I started the race and as far as getting stuck I had no issues,,that is until I hit a section of sand. I took the wrong line and I was stuck. So, we got to the point when it was time to give the ActionTrax a try. I was used to how the other brands, so I went about things in that style. Now they are not magic, ya need to do a little digging, and get them correctly placed. I hit the throttle, CoDriver gave a push and we ramped up and over the boards very fast, and the grip and performance caught me off guard.
After a couple tries I figured out a system. If you give it a quick burst you will launch up and on to the boards, then you just GO! You just get enought speed and traction to give you a good start. We were just amazed at how well they worked, and the grip and performance was a life saver. USActionTrax made the difference for us. We were back in the game with USActionTrax!!"